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Joseph Goodwin

2016programheadshots goodwin small
1 · GK

Ben Newnam

2016programheadshots newnam small
2 · D

Aodhan Quinn

2016programheadshots quinn small
4 · M

Tarek Morad

2016programheadshots morad small
6 · D

Kadeem Dacres

2016programheadshots dacres small
7 · M

Guy Abend

2016programheadshots abend small
8 · M

Cameron Lancaster

2016programheadshots lancaster small
9 · F

Magnus Rasmussen

2016programheadshots rasmussen small
10 · M

Niall McCabe

2016programheadshots mccabe small
11 · M

Mark Anthony Kaye

2016programheadshots kaye small
12 · M

Gregory Ranjitsingh

2016programheadshots ranjitsingh small
13 · GK

Ilija Ilic

2016programheadshots ilic small
14 · F

Sean Reynolds

2016programheadshots reynolds small
15 · D

Jon Chandler Hoffman

2016programheadshots hoffman small
17 · F

Paco Craig

2016programheadshots craig small
18 · D

Enrique Montano

2016programheadshots montano small
20 · D

George Davis IV

2016programheadshots davisiv small
22 · M

Kyle Smith

2016programheadshots smith small
24 · M

Timothy Dobrowolski

2016programheadshots dobrowolski small
28 · GK

Kenny Doublette

2016programheadshots doublette small
31 · F

Paolo DelPiccolo

2016programheadshots delpiccolo small
36 · M

Andrew Lubahn

2016programheadshots lubahn small
77 · M


Number Photo Name Pos. Previous Club Place of Birth
1 2016programheadshots goodwin small Joseph Goodwin GK Carolina Railhawks United States
2 2016programheadshots newnam small Ben Newnam D Pittsburgh Riverhounds United States
4 2016programheadshots quinn small Aodhan Quinn M Louisville City FC United States
6 2016programheadshots morad small Tarek Morad D Louisville City FC United States
7 2016programheadshots dacres small Kadeem Dacres M Arizona United SC United States
8 2016programheadshots abend small Guy Abend M Rishon LeZion Israel
9 2016programheadshots lancaster small Cameron Lancaster F St. Albans FC United Kingdom
10 2016programheadshots rasmussen small Magnus Rasmussen M BSV Denmark
11 2016programheadshots mccabe small Niall McCabe M Chattanooga FC Ireland
12 2016programheadshots kaye small Mark Anthony Kaye M Toronto FC II Canada
13 2016programheadshots ranjitsingh small Gregory Ranjitsingh GK Sigma FC Canada
14 2016programheadshots ilic small Ilija Ilic F Ocala Stampede Serbia
15 2016programheadshots reynolds small Sean Reynolds D FH Hafnarfjordur United States
17 2016programheadshots hoffman small Jon Chandler Hoffman F Houston Dynamo United States
18 2016programheadshots craig small Paco Craig D Ocala Stampede United Kingdom
20 2016programheadshots montano small Enrique Montano D San Jose State United States
22 2016programheadshots davisiv small George Davis IV M Richmond Kickers United States
24 2016programheadshots smith small Kyle Smith M Cincinnati Dutch Lions United States
28 2016programheadshots dobrowolski small Timothy Dobrowolski GK Loyola University of Chicago Germany
31 2016programheadshots doublette small Kenny Doublette F SWFL Adrenaline Haiti
36 2016programheadshots delpiccolo small Paolo DelPiccolo M Charlotte Independence United States
77 2016programheadshots lubahn small Andrew Lubahn M Harrisburg City Islanders United States