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From the Pitch - Dinner with Wilson

By WILSON KNEESHAW, Sacramento Republic FC, 10/10/18, 5:30PM EDT


Five guests from throughout history. So, who's coming to dinner?

Editor's Note: We caught up with Sacramento striker - and the USL's most prominent weather prognosticator - Wilson Kneeshaw, to uncover his answer to the age-old question of "Who's coming to dinner?"

The English-born striker chose five invitees from throughout history and identified which course each would be responsible for since you should never show up to a dinner party empty-handed. 



If I were to host a dinner with some of my favorite people from the last 500 years, it would need to be a five-course meal.

I would host it at Papa Murphy’s Park underneath the moonlight, with a live smooth jazz band of Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, and Nat King Cole to set the mood for the night.

My guests would be Thierry Henry, Emma Watson, Stephen Fry, Michael Jackson, and Nikola Tesla. 

Aside from being some of my favorite figures for various reasons, I think they would jell together really well as they are four intelligent, vibrant individuals - who are geniuses in their own craft - and they would be able to vibe from each other.

Thierry Henry
Emma Watson
Wilson Kneeshaw
Stephen Fry
Nikola Tesla
Michael Jackson


Cuisses De Grenouille (Frog Legs) - Thierry Henry

Frog Legs

I would like him to wear his full match worn arsenal kit from his unbeaten season with Arsenal and I would like him to bring the Premier League trophy with him as well. Thierry Henry has always and will always be my favourite footballer of all time, he is the reason I started playing football when I was young and it would be unbelievable to meet him. The frogs legs represent his nation and would be a great way to start the meal in my opinion.


Roast Tomato and Basil - Stephen Fry

Roast Tomato and Basil

He is an English philanthropist and comedian. He is one of the most clever people on the planet at this moment in my opinion. He will be a fantastic addition to the dinner party as he will provide witty comedy and is definitely intelligent enough to converse with Nikola and Emma.

Palette Cleanser

Assortment of Sorbet - Emma Watson

Sorbet Assortment

She is an English actress that played Hermoine Granger in Harry Potter. I would bring her to dinner hoping that she would be my +1. I have always had the biggest crush on her even when I was a child and it hasn’t changed as I’ve grown up. She would be able to wear whatever she would like and I’m sure she would look beautiful in anything she chose.

Main Course

Jerk chicken with rice and peas, Jamaican style - Michael Jackson

Jerk chicken with rice and peas

The king of pop is a major icon for me, I’ve always loved his music and he is an entertainment genius. I would love to ask him questions about his career and his mindset when he is getting ready to perform and if I’m lucky he could teach me a dance move. I think he would be a fantastic dinner guest he would bring life to the party, I’m sure he would gel well with Emma, Thierry and Nikola and we could get a little concert.


Baklava - Nikola Tesla


In my opinion the most intelligent man to have ever lived and I would to learn more about his philosophies, theories and hypothesis. It would be a dream come true to learn about his work regarding free energy and I could talk with him about frequency and vibrations for hours, maybe even days. He is a genius so I am assuming he would speak fluent French so he could speak with Thierry and if he wanted to dance Michael can provide the music and Emma can dance with him. Baklava is a traditional Balkan dessert so it suits his culture.

Guest photos courtesy: Sacramento Republic FC (Kneeshaw), Biography (Watson), (Tesla), Twitter (Fry), Famous Birthdays (Henry), Fanpop (Jackson)

Food photos courtesy: Eismann (Frog Legs), Caitlin Bensel (Soup), Kathy Patalski (Sorbet), Immaculate Bites (Jerk Chicken), and Scott Phillips (Baklava)


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