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Herculez Gomez: The USL has surpassed Liga de Expansión MX

By NICHOLAS MURRAY -, 11/16/22, 4:30PM EST


Former U.S. international weighs in on the USL’s growth, player development, and transfer activity

Former U.S. international Herculez Gomez believes the USL Championship has surpassed Mexico’s Liga de Expansión MX as the top second tier league in Concacaf.

“The USL has a better second tier. It's just a reality,” Gomez said on Monday’s edition of ESPN’s Futbol Americas. “In the USL side, you’ve got much better ownership groups. You’ve got better projected plans, new stadiums sprouting up all the time, new franchises coming about.

“And now USL is talking about its own pro-rel within the USL? It’s much more room for advancement and growth in the USL on all levels. You’re talking about growth from the ownership side, but also growth from the development side of the domestic player in the USL.”

Gomez’s sentiments were echoed by Futbol Americas co-host Sebastian Salazar, who noted the USL Championship’s expansion into new markets across the country was having a major effect on the sport in the country overall.

“It’s a league that is really, really in a boom cycle right now,” said Salazar. “Every month almost there’s a new USL [announcement], whether it’s Championship or League One. There’s some new type of expansion happening. That’s great for USL, it’s also great for American soccer because now we've got pro soccer in all those cities, in all those markets. That’s great for the game. It’s also great for development. We see something we will never see, I don't think, in LigaMX Expansion: selling players directly to Europe. USL Championship is doing that right now, today.”

“USL has sold more Mexican players to Europe than LigaMX Expansion will probably ever sell to Europe,” added Gomez. “Jonathan Gomez is in Europe because of USL.”

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