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Steele Some Time: Season 3, Episode 1

By Staff, 04/20/21, 3:00PM EDT


Kelsi Steele and Scott Stewart are back to preview the new season, and are joined by The Athletic's Jeff Rueter

Season 3 of Steele Some Time is here! Hosts Kelsi Steele and Scott Stewart kick off the 2021 season with some fresh, new segments, while still bringing that day-one banter. Those way too early 2021 predictions take center stage, ranging from MVP to USL Championship Final Winners. The hosts drop their favorites and put up a few decent arguments along the way. 

Now, what's a Steele Some Time premiere without its all-time appearance leader? The Athletic's Jeff Rueter stops by to drop his bold predictions, USL expertise and a wing recipe or two. 

Social Moment of the Week and Positive Story of the Week make their return, but this year we're rounding out the show with an entirely new segment with "Rock and a Hard Place."

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