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From the Pitch - No More Thoughts and Prayers

By Daniel Jackson, South Georgia Tormenta FC, 06/06/20, 9:45AM EDT


No More Thoughts and Prayers

Author - Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson
South Georgia Tormenta FC
June 6, 2020

As I sit here and try to formulate the words in response to the murder of George Floyd and what is presently happening in this country, I feel a mix of emotions all at once. Sadness for the family of George Floyd and their loss, hopeless in the sense of yet ANOTHER Black man being killed by the hands of a man who took an oath to PROTECT and SERVE, but my main emotion currently is RAGE!

How, in 2020 are we STILL witnessing the murder of innocent Black men and women at the hands of police? Why is this something that continues to happen to Black people with no change in sight? I’m sick of the “thoughts and prayers” being said time after time as we witness people like George Floyd killed in cold blood.  

As a Black man, this could have easily been me in that same situation. To watch that video and witness a man laying on the ground handcuffed, with a knee in the back of his neck pleading for his life, pleading to breathe, calling for his MOTHER had me so angry I was in tears!

How many times does this need to happen for the system to change?

How many fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters need to be taken from us this way for those in power to act on our behalf?

When we say “Black Lives Matter”, understand that we are not trying to elevate ourselves over ANY other race. We say “Black Lives Matter” because the justice system that is supposed to PROTECT and SERVE us is disproportionately HARRASSING and KILLING us! 

I challenge my Caucasian brothers and sisters and all other ethnic groups who still do not understand what it is to be black in America to open your hearts and minds and listen to understand not to respond.

I realize that every person regardless of ethnicity has their troubles in this life but we as a Black people have dealt with racism and inequality for far TOO LONG. We have had people we love and care about be assassinated, incarcerated, murdered for far TOO LONG. We need all people to stand with us to end these heinous acts we’ve been fighting against for years and the murder of George Floyd is just the latest example that they don’t respect or hear us yet!

Let us not only protest and come together as a people against this system but let us also use our power given to us to effect change; VOTE! Be more involved in your local politics, find out who represents you where you are and if they do not stand for the values you hold vote someone in who will!  Have those uncomfortable conversations of race and diversity with all ethnic groups, your family and friends, so we can all understand each other and help build a future together where discrimination is not an issue. Listen to understand not just to respond.  

In my personal belief, God made us all in different colors and ethnicities for a reason, but regardless of what you believe in we were all created on this earth to coexist together; WE ARE THE SAME, we bleed the same color blood. Together as Americans, we have the power to effect change in this country so let’s stop dividing ourselves and use it!

Power to the People!

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