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From the Pitch - Something to Say

By Kai Greene, 06/04/20, 12:15PM EDT


Something to Say

Author - Kai Greene
Kai Greene
San Antonio FC
June 4, 2020

A glimpse into my mind in light of America today. 

I heard someone use this phrase the other day to describe the way inequality in America made them feel. It stuck with me because it’s exactly how I feel too with all of the social injustices, murder, and brutality that goes on for an African American. Every other year it seems we experience unjustified shootings; cops aren’t charged or they’re usually acquitted due to our flawed system. Then follows a string of protests and messages reading “prayers to the family of [victim]” and sadly, that’s that. That’s NOT justice! More time goes by, another incident occurs and it’s the same thing. It’s a muffled outcry... I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.


Life for me in particular has changed over the years. Getting pulled over for a simple speeding ticket is more nerve nerve-wracking than I can imagine. I make sure I move slowly while telling the officer my every move to avoid any confusion. Maybe even having a phone ready to record because you just don’t know anymore. Going out for runs is now a process. Making sure you smile at everyone you pass so you don’t come off as suspicious. It just always feels as if you have to watch your back like you have some sort of target on you.


Rest In Peace to our latest victims Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and the ones that have fallen before them. The sad thing is that it just took these recent videos for a lot of people to wake up and see what’s really going on here. Can you honestly imagine if there wasn’t any video evidence for those victims? OK, NOW imagine all the other instances that weren’t captured on camera... think about it. Pretty chilling. I find it crazy how Colin Kaepernick was absolutely slammed by people and the National Football League for taking a knee back in 2016 for the very same reasons that we have police kneeling with protesters in 2020. 


I’d like to clear the air on one thing. The phrase “Black Lives Matter” is only shedding light on the fact that African Americans are treated unjustly in this country, from police brutality to systematic oppression. It does not mean that a black person’s life matters more than any other person’s life. To those contesting saying “All Lives Matter,” of course, all lives matter. But this movement was put in place to depict what blacks have been going through for years! It’s not meant to discredit the value of the lives of every other race. That’s the difference. ”EQUALITY,” say it with me people. 


I’d say that the recent support has reached unprecedented levels, which is a start. It’s on EVERYBODY to make a change, not just on the people it affects the most. As people, things shouldn’t have to “hit home” for you to want to make a change. What’s right is right, so stand up for it. Don’t be afraid to stand up for something because you have people in your circle who may think otherwise. Educate yourselves on what to do to combat this problem. Signing petitions, donations, and spreading more awareness are all things that will help. Wake up and create change!

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