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2020 Eastern Conference Standings

2020 Western Conference Standings

League Standings/Tie-Breakers

The League will maintain official standings. These standings will be tabulated on a regular basis, displayed on the League’s website, and/or distributed to all Teams. The official standings will include wins, losses, draws, goals scored for, goals scored against, and total points.

Tie-breakers will be achieved by the following criteria, in order of importance:

a. Total wins in regular-season League Games;

b. Goal differential in regular-season League Games;

c. Goals scored in regular-season League Games;

d. Points earned against top four Conference finishers (except that if the number of such Games is unequal, then points will be divided by the number Games played against the top four Conference finishers to arrive at a common basis for comparison);

e. Number of disciplinary points (i.e., fewest disciplinary points).

f. Lottery conducted by the League.

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